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Investment Consulting

The main objective of investment consulting is to provide professional assistance to company managers and investors in the preparation of high-quality business plans and investment projects, as well as to assess the economic efficiency of a business to make an informed investment decision.


We are ready to engage in work at any stage of the development of an investment project: from the idea to the availability of a ready-made set of project documentation. We provide a wide range of services for optimizing customer investments, including analysis and recommendations on existing portfolios, analysis of investment strategies, and the formation of special-purpose portfolios.


We have many years of experience in making complex and quality decisions in matters of investment. They are accepted taking into account the basic, technical and psychological factors affecting the market.

Investment Consulting

Management & Evaluation of Investments

The specialists of our company have extensive practical experience and sufficient theoretical knowledge in this area. Our experts are ready to provide investment advice, applying an individual approach to developing an investment strategy.

Risk Management Services

The main requirements for an investment appraisal include the conduct of technical and commercial expertise of the project by independent experts. Our company provides investment risk management services for the examination of investment projects.

Investment Technology

Investment technology services allow you to choose the most appropriate investment mechanism to achieve the main goals of your business. We provide prompt assistance in resolving issues arising at any stage of the project.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation allows investors to achieve financial goals at a given level of risk. We carefully consider integrating our capabilities in a way that makes sense for each client, and are constantly expanding our asset management services to meet future client needs.

Automated Investing

Automation of investment operations has numerous benefits. The most important of which is that it is more efficient and saves a significant amount of time when compared to manual trading and investing. We are ready to provide automated investment advice through our investment advisors.

Investment Selection

Our experts provide a full range of services to ensure maximum safety of your investments or to find the optimal and potentially profitable investment object.

Need a help for expert?

In matters of capital investment, we offer our customers first-class and independent consulting.

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