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Our consultants have unique practical experience in assisting many organizations to navigate competing demands of the modern world by developing strategies for sustainable growth, fuelling innovation and transforming entire organisational systems, reducing operational cost and improving customer service. We are experienced in implementing these strategies in global corporations and government-led organizations.



We work with clients around the world from various industries. You can get detailed information about the industries:

The modern era of digital technologies has fundamentally altered prior business practices. This is due to the automation of many operations, which has opened up new economic prospects, and also forced many organizations to focus their resources on the research and development of the components of their intellectual assets.

For many years, our company has been a reliable partner in the automotive industry. We provide solutions in the field of loading and unloading operations and in-process logistics at all stages of the production process. Automotive and related industries around the world use our services to manufacture and assemble their products.

Energy suppliers are faced not only with increased deregulation and privatization and, as a result, with pressure from competitors, but also with the increasing impact of green energy on their activities and economy. All this causes a change in customer needs and an increase in costs. Solving these challenges requires more and more efficient operations and capital expenditures.

A Group Consulting has extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects for telecom operators and mass media companies. The accumulated experience in implementing large-scale projects and in-depth functional expertise give us the opportunity to talk about competitive offers to solve the current business tasks of industry companies. 

Consulting in construction and development companies has industry-specific features related to the specifics of the organizational and production process. Additional difficulties in the provision of consulting services creates a large number of construction participants and parties to the contractual relationship.

E-commerce consulting
Automotive industry consulting
Energy, Environment Consulting
Technology, Media, Telecommunications Consulting

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of quality medical services in our lives. Consulting for healthcare institutions, which our company offers, fully complies with the high requirements that apply to the medical industry. The services provided by our consulting experts help medical and pharmaceutical companies to improve their activities, improve the quality of medical care and introduce new, improved methods both in the field of management and in the direct provision of medical services. 

Healthcare Life Sciences Consulting

The travel, transport and logistics industry includes all companies involved in the transport of goods and passengers. Players of different sizes and with different specializations work in this area. The industry is characterized by high cyclicality and depends on the general state of the economy. Consulting enterprises in the transport industry as the main task determines the development of an effective model of enterprise management and control over the validity of the costs incurred.

Travel Transport Logistics Consulting

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