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HR Consulting Services

A well-thought-out organizational structure can stimulate corporate productivity, as well as make the company's internal and external risks manageable. On the other hand, the quality and motivation of human capital remain the main success factors.


The main task in this area is to establish common goals and values ​​of companies, make clear decisions and create appropriate motivations. We help our clients gain an advantage through more motivated staff, mutually beneficial terms of employment and reward-based reward schemes.

Throughout all the years of our activity, we have been closely and closely communicating with the leaders and managers of various companies, advising and assisting them in their work. The accumulated experience helps us to effectively cooperate with companies and find the most optimal solutions in the field of personnel management.

HR Analytics

A Group Consulting service can assist you in transforming raw workforce data into a strategic asset that allows you to better understand what your employees require. In the course of HR consulting, our experts assess the current state of the HR

analytics and its potential.

Program Development & Training

Our HR consulting allows to carry out work, as a result of which the optimal organizational structure is determined, specific measures are proposed to increase the effectiveness of the human resources management system.

Strategies for Acquisition of Staff

Before, throughout, and even after the hiring process, the talent acquisition strategy strives to develop relationships with qualified individuals. We will provide recruitment strategies to assist you in achieving your objectives.

HR Consulting Europe

HR Audits

We conduct a comprehensive audit, analyze all available data and used technical means. If necessary, we are also ready to conduct corporate training and individual training for top managers, business owners, sales departments and HR specialists.

Recruitment & HR Support

We help to competently organize all personnel processes, eliminate shortcomings in the work of personnel and the distribution of responsibilities, develop an effective system of adaptation and motivation of personnel.

Talent Management

When it comes to hiring, deploying, training, and reviewing employee performance and remuneration, talent management is frequently viewed as a strategic approach to the early phases of talent management. Our specialists are ready to help you at every stage of talent management.

Need a help for expert?

We support organizing effective organizational structures and facilitate their implementation.

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