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Sustainable Energy

Energy & Environment

Energy suppliers are faced not only with increased deregulation and privatization and, as a result, with pressure from competitors, but also with the increasing impact of green energy on their activities and economy. All this causes a change in customer needs and an increase in costs. Solving these challenges requires more and more efficient operations and capital expenditures.


A Group Consulting provides clients in the energy and environment sector with support on a variety of issues: from production and development to delivery and distribution, from wholesale and retail sales to customer service. We help our customers find the best opportunities for internal optimization.

Innovation is one of the main factors for the successful development of the energy sector enterprises, therefore, in the framework of providing consulting services, in addition to developing strategic business development plans, we place particular emphasis on the development of comprehensive innovation implementation plans and the introduction of innovative solutions adapted to a specific client.

The staff of our company employs experienced professionals who have sufficient knowledge of the specifics of the energy complex, which allow them to conduct professional analysis of the energy industry, to develop and successfully assist in the implementation of their comprehensive development programs.

In addition to standard consulting services, technical and environmental consulting play an important role in evaluating the performance of the energy complex enterprises. When conducting environmental consulting, special attention is paid to verifying the compliance of the enterprise with the requirements of environmental legislation (control over the circulation and disposal of waste, analysis of the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and their impact on the environment, etc.)

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We support organizing effective organizational structures and facilitate their implementation.

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