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Technology, Media & Telecommunications

A Group Consulting has extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects for telecom operators and mass media companies. The accumulated experience in implementing large-scale projects and in-depth functional expertise give us the opportunity to talk about competitive offers to solve the current business tasks of industry companies.


Consulting in the telecommunications industry is characterized by the need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the state of the customer’s technical equipment and the competitiveness of prices and tariffs that he offers to his customers. Our specialists have gained vast experience in providing consulting services to technology, media and telecommunications companies.

Today, there is fierce competition among companies in this industry, which in the conditions of rapidly developing technologies requires a clear and streamlined work of all organizational and technological processes that can not only maintain the company's position at the achieved level, but also develop further. We have well studied the specifics of their activities and the business environment in which they work, and are ready to use the knowledge and experience gained to assist our new customers.

To solve the complex tasks facing enterprises in the technology, media and telecommunications industry, the specialists of our company have developed a comprehensive consulting program. Analysis of the current state of the enterprise and its competitive environment allows you to make competent financial, marketing, investment and management decisions regarding its further development.

Telecommunication companies are also among the most active consumers of IT services, software products and equipment. Huge subscriber bases, complex technological solutions, high market competition are the drivers of demand for IT in this industry. Our consulting services gives methods of a professional approach to managing the telecommunication business, the ability to assess risks and make the right decisions.


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