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Construction & Infrastructure

Consulting in construction and development companies has industry-specific features related to the specifics of the organizational and production process. Additional difficulties in the provision of consulting services creates a large number of construction participants and parties to the contractual relationship.


Consulting services in construction provided by the specialists of our company always differ in large volumes of work and high complexity of tasks.  Specialists working in this direction have extensive experience working with construction organizations and investors and have excellent knowledge of the legislation governing the activities of construction companies.

The construction industry is one of the intersectoral economic complexes, which is a combination of the sectors of material production and design, ensuring the reproduction of fixed assets. The construction complex carries out the entire cycle of work on the creation of construction objects - from design to putting them into operation with the necessary construction base and the production of special types of material resources.

Construction has specific features that distinguish it from other branches of material production. Construction products are motionless and territorially fixed. Construction is characterized by a relatively long duration of the production cycle, a significant variety of erected buildings, structures and objects of various industrial and social purposes, a significant impact on the production process of geographical, in particular climatic, conditions.

We advise our clients on a wide range of issues related to new construction and reconstruction projects, land acquisition, labor law issues and ensuring compliance with established requirements after commissioning, activities of joint ventures and dealer networks, franchising and funding.


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