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The Manifest Spotlights A Group Consulting as the United Kingdom’s Best Recommended B2B Partner

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Established in 2008, A Group Consulting is a trusted international consulting company based in the heart of London. Over the years, we’ve worked on all kinds of projects with various companies from all over the world. Today, we’re extremely proud and excited to celebrate a fantastic award that our beloved clients helped unlock.

During the inaugural The Manifest Company Awards, A Group Consulting was officially named as one of the United Kingdom’s best recommended and reviewed service providers for 2022! According to the platform’s esteemed report, our team is among the top firms trusted for consulting services, public relations, and strategy development!

This award genuinely means a lot to us. Since the very beginning, our clients have always been pushing us to become better. We are always keen on growing, improving, and expanding our services to deliver nothing less than excellent results.

To give this award clearer context, The Manifest is an independent business news resource that publishes insightful content like how-to guides, market reports, and agency shortlists. The site’s very first company awards highlight how trust between service providers and clients can go a long way. The honor is given to the top companies that earned the most number of referrals and testimonials over the preceding year.

This award reflects the good memories and challenges we conquered together with our beloved clients. Their trust allows us to shine and welcome different opportunities. The A Group Consulting team sends their sincerest thanks to everyone who believed in us!

Those categories we’ve been awarded for aren’t our only strengths. Connect with A Group Consulting to find out more about what we can do for you.



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